Tropical Isles is a professional award-winning carnival arts organisation with creativity at its heart.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

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Creative Crafts

Get your creativity flowing with our online creative craft workshops. We now have a weekly online workshop and we will…

Dance & Fitness

Join us on Instagram Live to keep moving, keep fit, and keep the carnival spirit going. We usually run dance…

Health & Wellbeing

At this time we need to find new ways to look after our health and wellbeing. Let’s do it…

Our story

Tropical Isles is professional award-winning carnival arts organisation with creativity at its heart. At our East London home, we design and make costumes and create performances working with children and young people, professional designers and choreographers.

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Intention, Implementation, Impact

We intend to empower our diverse community by sharing individual values, giving the members a platform to voice their experiences and love for the culture whilst developing trust. Through this we develop self esteem and self belief.

We plan to implement this by keeping the culture alive within the community, expressing their stories with a conversation whilst on lockdown in our own environment. We look at the synergy of dance and music and how carnival unites us and influences our fundamental experience of life through our eyes.

Tropical Isle’s aim is to impact each individual to let their legacy in the art form of carnival be one to remember and bring value forever.


I am 19 years old and currently I am an Art and Design student who likes to draw, visit museums, and research interesting art work in my free time. Last year I was look- ing to join a carnival group, but I wasn’t sure…


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